Stop Child Abuse in Jamaica

Acts of cruelty against our children.

Stop Child Abuse in Jamaica was formed in 2016 by a group of university students who did community service at a children’s home where abuse children were located and it encouraged them to start a charity with sole efforts at reducing violence and abuse against Jamaican children.  The donation from this campaign will be used to provide bedding, food and clothing for at risk children. The Stop Child Abuse in Jamaica foundation will also like to reach out to psychiatrists who offer counselling and treatment to abuse children which will provide rehabilitation for the individuals. Stop  Child Abuse in Jamaica is currently in dialogue with The Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Center for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) but more help is needed to reduce child abuse in Jamaica. CDA says they have tried everything but their hands are tied because they have no statistic on child abuse victims or their perpetrators, help from other groups and the wider community is needed to bridge the gap. I am Kimberly Bowen, the co-founder of the Stop Child Abuse in Jamaica foundation. I am appealing to everyone for greater financial help, whether of Jamaican decent or not. Children are our future, therefore more effort is needed to protect the future leaders of tomorrow world.

Start donating any amount you can to save an at-risk child from abuse or further
abuse today.

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