Causes and Treatment of Infertility among Black Men

Infertility is a growing problem. According to studies, every one out of six couples goes through such a condition. It is a common belief that women are the sole responsible for not conceiving or bearing a child. While that is not true, a man plays an equal part in the process and so can also be responsible for infertility. Black men have a very low infertility rate as compared to black women. It is believed that black men have a high fertility rate; however, some conditions could decrease it among black men.

Causes of Infertility among Black Men
Infertility is near to rare among black men still some may develop this condition due to several causes. The following are some causes of infertility among black men.

Drug Use
Black men that make excessive use of the drug are more likely to suffer infertility. Different substances and chemicals present in the drugs can heavily affect the production and ejaculation of sperms. They can also reduce the quality and quantity of sperm required for pregnancy.

Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol places a considerable effect on the reproductive organs. Among black men consumption of alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. It can also decrease the quantity of sperm. Alcohol also results in liver diseases that can lead to infertility.

Emotional stress
Depression, mental, and emotional stress can become a cause of infertility among black men. Studies show that males suffering from stress are not likely to produce good quality of sperms. This severely affects the chances of making a woman pregnant.

Infections and STDs
Some infections and STDs can influence the reproductive organs of men. They can interfere with the production of sperms or can also block the ways of ejaculation. Such infection may include epididymitis, orchitis, HIV, and gonorrhea.

Genetic Defects
Genetic defects are the most common cause of infertility among black men. Several inherited disorders can affect the infertility of men. Such defects include cystic fibrosis, Kallmann’s syndrome, and Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Treatment of Infertility among Black men
While infertility is becoming a common problem, certain treatment methods can be applied to reduce the risk. The following are some treatments for infertility among black men.
• For physical problems or blockages, surgery is the best option. This can also help retrieve the sperms directly from testicles for black men who face problems in ejaculation.
• In the case of infections, antibiotics are the best available options. However, a doctor should be consulted before using any antibiotic.
• Black men suffering from depression and mental stress can consult a doctor who can provide with medications and counseling. This can help in improving sperm quality and quantity.
• Taking care of personal hygiene and exercise is the best way for improving sperm count and strength.
If you are unable to conceive a baby there is no need to feel upset or stressed about it. You should consult a doctor and apart from genetic problems, every other problem causing infertility can be cured.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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