Jamaica To Open Borders-Work from home order expired

After the most difficult time, the Prime Minister of Jamaica has decided to open its borders. The borders were closed on March 21 following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. The first case of coronavirus in Jamaica made people overwhelmed with different kinds of fears. It was the fear of financial problems, psychic issues, and the greatest fear of death.

We are still human beings and we cannot survive in the isolation. “Jamaica does not have the luxury of other economies that have large savings. So more than other countries, Jamaicans have to learn to live with the COVID pandemic,” said Jamaican Prime Minister, Andre Holness.

The coronavirus has declined over the last few days. Moreover, the government has allowed the return of its citizens under the controlled reentry program. According to the sources, more than 2,300 persons have entered into Jamaica.

All incoming tourists are subjected to screening before entering the country. Similarly, the Jamaicans are coming back from other countries to their homes. They are not considered in the “travel bubble”. After a thorough screening, they are subjected to stay at their homes for 14 days quarantine.

The prime minister cautioned that the opening up of the border is likely to increase the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases which up to Sunday, May 31, stood at 586.

“We must use our available resources in a targeted way to manage and mitigate the risk,” the prime minister said, adding that “We do not have the resources to eliminate the risk”

The island of Jamaica is reopening its borders for travelers beginning June 15.