BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus is in Jamaica

Despite the attempts by the government to calm the public in reference to the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has been confirmed that it is indeed here. The Minister of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton, held a press conference today at

Ministry’s New Kingston Head Office disclosing that, the patient in question, arrived in the island, on March 4, 2020. It is speculated that the woman contracted the virus while visiting the UK. Since the individual returned, she has exhibited signs of the illness and was taken to the University Hospital of The West Indies, UHWI, where she was tested and the test confirmed traces of COVID-19. The patient is in isolation.

In his speech, Minister Tufton highlighted the fact the even though the country is in a state of shock.

“The vast majority of Jamaica who will be infected with the virus will recover. -Dr. Christopher Tufton

He elaborated that they are indeed putting cautionary measures in place to prevent the widespread of the virus. He indicated the vulnerable group is older persons with underlying illnesses and weakened immune system.

Dr. Tufton has advised the media conference that an advisory committee has been appointed to help further guide Jamaica’s response to the virus. Among the members of the committee are former Private Sector Organization of Jamaica Head, Howard Mitchell, Sagicor President and CEO, Chris Zacca, former Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, Dr. Marina Ramkisoon and Lieutenant Colonel, Sydney Powell.

Amid the anxiety and unsettledness, citizens are now wondering when will the government tackle the issues surrounding the extent of the damages that an outbreak of the virus can cause. It is really, closer to home that we think.