Greater Recognition of the Importance of Fathers in a Child Life

A miraculous thing that has happened in society today is the way that dad are encouraged to be much more involved in their child’s life from birth. It’s contrast with the post- emancipation generation, more often men are allowed to be with mothers for the birth of their child and are actively involved in supporting their partner in labour.

They are encouraged to to be involved in baby care from the beginning, I think is very special to see dads doing these practical things for their babies. The toddler years can be a great time for bonding between fathers and children, especially if the child have been exclusively breastfed for the first years of life.

Employers are realizing the need for family time for fathers, with the introduction of paternal leave of absence from work, where fathers can spend more time at home helping the nursing mom. Irrespective, there is definitely room for improvement. Research on children’s educational attainment and emotional health has led to an increasing recognition of the vital importance of the role of dads in children’s lives.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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