Gonorrhea can prevent pregnancy and also kill

What is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhoea is also called “clap”,”drip”, “dose”, “get shot”, “strain”, or “leak”.

Gonorrhoea is serious STD caused by a germ and spread through sexual contact with an infected person.

Why is Gonorrhea so serious?

May people don’t know this, but Gonorrhea can kill.

Men can die from their inability to pass urine.

Women, however, may suffer from severe pain in abdomen and are exposed to the risk of getting infection in their tubes, leading to blocked tubes. A pregnant woman with Gonorrhoea can pass the germs On to their baby’s eyes during birth birth, possibly causing blindness. Gonorrhoea can also cause arthritis, brain and heart disease.

How do I know if I have the disease?

You many not notice any symptoms if you catch Gonorrhoea. Whether you have symptoms or not, you can pass the germ on to others during sex. Men usually have a burning sensation when urinating and see a discharge from the penis which may be thick, creamy and yellow-green in colour. They may also feel a pain or swelling of the testicles. Women should look out for different changes in their vaginal discharge. She should also observe if the is pain in the abdomen which is sometimes accompanied with chill, fever and pain during sex. It is possible in the case of a woman to damage her uterus and Fallopian tubes preventing her from having children.

Can Gonorrhoea be cured?

Gonorrhoea can be cured, but it necessary to visit the doctor early and take all the medication exactly as directed. Do not treat yourself.

There are some strains of Gonorrhoea that are strenuous and expensive to cure; these are common in Jamaica today. There is a myth that Gonorrhoea in males can be cured by having sex with a virgin. This is false. It only allows the spread of the disease to an unsuspecting person.

How can I prevent the spread of Gonorrhoea?

Use a common every time you have sex. It is mandatory to use a condom with all you partners. Also ensure all your partners get treated to avoid reinfection.


  1. Every STD infection you get increases your chance of getting HIV.
  1. You must use a condom every time in every sexual act.
  1. Call the AIDS/STD Helpline

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