Natural Treatments for Diabetes Mellitus


In adult-onset, constant hunger or thirst with frequent urination; sometimes weakness and subsequent weight loss, but often unexplained weight gain.

Suggested Treatment

General: Hygienic care is very important, with particular attention to the feet and toes. The skin must be kept immaculately clean and dry. Tight shoes should be avoided. Do not apply heat to legs and feet because it may lead gangrene. Care of the mouth and teeth by brushing well at least 3-4 times daily; a mouthwash should be used before and after eating. Regular bowel movement are important. The mental aspect is also important; the patient should be free from stress and fear. Many cases of diabetes start after some trauma. To solve these conflicts, physiotherapy is necessary.

There are numerous natural ways to tackle diabetes.


M-BW-12 (Yishu), UB 13, UB 20, UB 22, ST 36, K3

    For excessive thirst add:

LU 11, LU 10, UB 17

    For increase appetite accompanied by emaciation of muscles add:

M-BW-10, UB 21, CV 12

  • For frequent urination add:

CV 4, K7, K5

Ear points:

    For thirst: Endocrine, Lungs, Thirst
  • For hunger: Endocrine, Stomach, Hunger
  • For frequent urination: Endocrine, Kidney, Bladder

Applied Nutrition

In cases of obesity, reduce weight.

  • Drink: Vegetable juices, unsweetened dairy products. Avoid juices, sweetened fruit juices, coffee, alcohol and beer.
  • Eat: Fresh vegetables, whole rice, bean, soy protein, poultry, sea fish, potato, unsweetened dairy products, seeds. Avoid any refined sugar, candies, dried fruits, honey, cakes, biscuits, white wheat bread. The diet should be 50% whole rice, 30% fresh vegetables 10% beans and seeds , 10% sea fish.

The calories should be calculated according to the BMI (weight, age) and physical activity.

An example for an average-weight person, 30 years old:

  • 1,800 calories
  • 80 grams fat
  • 60 grams protein
  • 210 grams carbohydrate

Master formula of vitamins and minerals and all the supplements given General Immune Systemic Disorders.

Take with every meal a handful of Trigonella foenum graecum, known also as “Chilve”in Arabic, as seeds of sprouts.


Massage the whole body with the extract of eucalyptus 4%, geranium 4%, juniper 4% in vegetable oil base. Repeat this massage daily before hydrotherapy.

Castor Oil can also be used to treat diabetes as shown below.


Repeat he same recording twice per day as in General Immune Systemic Disorders.

Color Therapy

Radiate the following colours twice per day, one after the other all over the body: green-30 minutes, yellow-15 minutes.



Use plants with hypoglycemic activity such as all spice , artichoke, banana, barley, bugleweed, burdock, cabbage, carrot, ginseng, lettuce, lily of the valley , nettles, oats, olive, onion , papaya, pea, spinach, sunflower, sweet potato, turnip, wormwood (this list was compiled by Fransworth et al., in The Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman, published by Findhorn Press).

Goat’s rue (Galega officinalis): Infusion/tincture has hypoglycemic activity.

Garlic: Good.

Funegreek and corn silk (Zea mays): Helpful in tea/capsules

Buchu: May be taken in early stages of diabetes.

Dandelion: (Taraxacum): Stimulates pancreatic activity.

ChineseRehmannia Six Formula: Formula of choice for fatigue, polyuria, thirst, vertigo, tinnitus, weakness of the knees, edema.

  • Rehmannia Eight Formula: For weaker people, cold arms and legs, presbyopia, edema, difficult urination.
  • Ginseng and Gypsum Combination: For dry mouth, thirst, initial stage of diabetes mellitus.
  • Siler and Platycodon Formula: For strong people. Prevents diabetes mellitus.


  • Codeinum: 3X four to six times daily for depression and skin irritation.
  • Syzygium: 1X every eight hours as a general remedy.


A daily warm bath is very essential in order to keep the patient clean a warm.


Massage the whole feet softy twice per day for 5 minutes. Press the following points twice per day, three minutes each point:

2-Pituitary, 3-0 Cerebrum, 4-Cerebellum, 20-Adrenal Glands, 21-Kidney, 22-Pancreas (five minutes thus point), 24-Liver

Schuessler Tissue Salts

  • Take ten tablets of each trice per day:
    • Kali phosphorica
  • 3X first week
  • 6X second week
  • 12x third week, and continue with this potency
    • Natrum muriatirum 12X
    • Ferrum phosphoria 6X


    In Diabetes, physical exercise is a must . At least one hour a day, whether it’s running, swimming, or general athletics it is very vital.

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