The Breakdown of Family Relationships

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why family breakdown occurs. One of the most common is financial pressure. Worry over unemployment, debt and how to provide for the family. This can lead to arguments between parents, children eventually pick up the tension in the family, even if they are still very young. Financial pressure can often lead to a burden of overwork parents. Parents may be working long hours each day and hardly see their children. This can make parents feel guilty, as many would love to spend more time with their children, but the busyness of life just takes over. This sort of existence puts a huge strain on family relationships.

Many parent are continually tired, often due to heavy workload and the fact that young children can be exhausting. However, this becomes much worse if you’re also having broken nights with children don’t sleep well and are up and down all night. Sleep deprivation is most destructive, as you are always just too tired to talk things through. Lack of communication can happen easily, and very soon you feel you’re not discussing anything that really matters. When you don’t have tone or energy to talk, lack of agreement between you as parents – especially on the emotive issues of parenting such as discipline or eating – can lead to problems within the family.

How the separation of parents affects children

Since the 1960s the divorce rate has more than doubled, separation not only bring pain to couples but also the children, whatever their ages. Many couples feel strongly about their marriage vows and believe that that marriage is for life, so it’s devastating when their marriage ends in divorce courts. It’s such a struggle to come to terms with being a single parent, even if children are older and not living at home. Some parents reconcile and experience a healing in their family as well as the wider family. However, I recognize that some relationships are deeply destructive both to parents and children, and separation is the only way through.

I believe that children need both male and female role models in their lives as they are growing up. Our family relationships act as a role model for how to manage their relationships in adult life.

The key component, I believe, are love and stability, giving our children quality time, and being consistent. Also, a real sense of fun is important for family life so that we are able to laugh and laugh with our children too. These attributes apply just as much to single-parent families, step-families and parents who only see their children on weekends as to the “traditional” nuclear family.

Being a mother and just growing older, I understand that family relationships are not always easy. Life is often not straightforward, and just as you feel you are back to square one. Firstly, you have to find practical ways on how to build a strong secure family life and how to enjoy being a parent. We have to show love to our children and focus on the spiritual and emotional needs of our children.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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