DIY Mango leaf remedy for nervousness and anxiety

According to a study done by the Uganda African Herbal Medicinal Research Foundation, mango leaves are a good home remedy for people suffering from restlessness due to anxiety. Mango leaves are known to have a calming effect that soothes the nerves, reducing uneasiness. Their hypotensive properties are great at combating anxiety and helping people who are suffering from anxiety attacks.

There are two common ways to use mango leaves to treat anxiety:

Mango leave tea

Boil 5 mango leaves for 10 minutes in 2 cups of water, sip slowly. This will create a calming effect.

Mango leave bath

Add 2-3 cups of mango leave tea to your bath water. This helps to relax and refresh your body. Leaving the body feeling rejuvenated.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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