It is time to End the Violence against our Women and Children

In recent days it seems as though the killing and or physical abuse against the nations women and children have been more prevalent. Last week there was the killing of a 14 year old female in St. Ann’s, there still has not a motive or an arrest made for the body that was found disposed of in a garbage bag. Last month there was a similar case in which the residents of the community had to take matters in their own hands following the death of another teen in Kingston, who’s body was found with the pubic burnt. There also have been many other cases where not only adults are the perpetrators but other children are also portraying violence against each other.

The root of the problem

We have long battled with domestic violence in our homes, more popularly resulting in the males killing there estranged wife or common-law, in some cases other family members are injured or are also killed. Where do these horrid crimes originate? In the same homes.

Adults who either grew up with abusive parent/s tend to exhibit similarly abusive behavior against their partner and or children because that’s all they accustomed to.

How do we prevent or stop violence

Again, in the homes. Along with public awareness, and ultimately divine intervention, better lifestyle practices need to be embedded in the communities. A drive and a purpose for change in the the current behavior of not only the adults but also children in troubled communities and those prone to violence is necessary to combat this crime monster that happens in so many forms. Children and parents need to be taught better ways to deal with conflicts. Respect for oneself and also the life of others is vital. Poor living conditions that force hardship and the urge to get involved in crime as a means of escape and more importantly monetary stability is also a cause to be addressed.

This is not an overnight fix, it will take a lot of work , time and resources. It is not only the government’s initiative but the community as a whole needs to recognize the need for an intervention and wants more for themselves, their communities and essentially their country.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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