Spice rocks newly bleached skin to highlight Black Hypocrisy

Popular Entertainer Spice bleaches her skin as part of a promo for new single Black Hypocrisy. The infamous and possibly hit Black Hypocrisy speaks about Spices person experience with racism , specifically “colourism”. She expresses her disgust against Africans who belittle other Africans simply because of their complexion.

Skin bleaching in Jamaica

Bleaching has become a new fad ever since, Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel changed his entire appearance through skin beaching, he continues to preach openly about his love for bleaching and “bleached -out” skinned women in is 2017 hit single “Yabba dabba doo”, and basically every song he voiced after 2010 or there about.

The struggle with love for self

The great King of Pop, Michael Jackson also beached his skinned severely and did plastic surgery to change his features to resemble that of a Caucasian. All over the world Black people waste money on hair, hair straightening, skin bleaching and in milder terms toning and lightening products to change the way they look to what is classified as “hot” and “happening” by society.

Skin Beaching in Nigeria

There is also a growing craze for bleaching among Nigerians and the entire African diaspora.

Read the link below to find out the reasons why such men try to lighten their skin.

Source: Find Out The Incredible Reasons Nigerian Men Give For Bleaching Their Skin

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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