Lupus strikes again: Popular comedian Elva Ruddock dies from Lupus

Elva Ruddock died on October 7, 2018 at the Kingston Public Hospital from a long battle with Lupus.

Elva is usually seen in commercial, hosting events,on the popular Bashco promo series.

What is lupus?

Lupus a chronic autoimmune disease is still a unknown to many. The immune system should fight off antigens such as viruses and bacteria, by producing antibodies. With lupus the immune system is unable to differentiate between antigens and healthy tissues subsequently attacking both causing inflammation throughout your body. People living with lupus might appear to be alright during periods of remission, where the disease is dormant. At other times the disease is active and person will experience a flare, with symptoms becoming more vivid.

The disease is not curable but can be contained with proper dieting and exercise.

Lupus stigma

People living with lupus might feeling ashamed but it is quite the contrary as this should present an opportunity to educate the general public about the still unpopular disease and to clarify the myths surrounding the disease. Lupus is not contagious neither is it contracted sexually. In fact there is no real known cause for lupus, research link lupus to genetics, is characterized environmental causes, prolonged usage of some medications but it’s cause is still uncertain. Many people are currently living with lupus but the stigma surrounding lupus, much to do with the lack of awareness about the diseases, forces individuals to suffer in silence and afraid to talk about what they are experiencing.

Other popular celebrities who suffer from lupus are Nick Cannon and Selena Gomez.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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