How to do a Hot Compress

What is a hot compress?

A hot compress is the application of heat to small area with hot gauze or hot compress cloth.


1. Increase circulation locally

2. Relieves pain

3. Relieves congestion

  • Things needed:
    • A basin hot water
      Gauze or compress cloth (small towel) or any clean piece of cloth.
      Solution as per order.
      Old newspapers for used dressings.
      Baby oil or cream ( use only eye compress) .


    1. Boil water
    2. Apply baby oil on the forehead and eyelids of compress is to be applied on the eyes.
    3. Wring compress from hot water or hot solution. Partially twist the compress cloth holding it on both ends. Dip the compress cloth in hot water or solution and twist lightly, pulling the two ends apart, thus squeezing the water out.
    4. Apply compress directly on area to be treated without pressure.
    5. Compress must be changed at lease every 3 minute.
    6. Continue compress for 15-20 minutes, renewing it every 3 minutes. Keep the water or solution hot all the time during the treatment
    7. At the end of treatment, remove hot compress and dry treated area.
    8. Apply medication or ointment as ordered by physician.
    9. Apply sterile dressing and keep dry.
  • Precaution:

  • Do not apply hot compress when there is a tendency to bleed.
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