Postpartum challenges: I love my baby but…

Is not easy coping with a newborn. His prime time is between 12am-6am, he has no clue what time of day is it. It’s usually advised to sleep while the baby sleeps, but how can one sleep when it’s also the only time when you can do anything else. It’s critical not to be sleep deprived as this might increase stress, blood pressure among other ailments. So naps are a must, chores can wait.

Breast feeding woes

As a second time mom, even though I am accustomed to breastfeeding it is still challenging. My issue is not with the baby latching on, he does that perfectly. It’s about the frequency of his feeding sessions. I am currently considering substituting with formula, as boys drink more frequently and longer than girls, I eats as much or even more than when I was pregnant. I would prefer not to introduce formula to a 7 weeks old baby, it just that I may not be apply to supply his milk demands.

Crying baby

A baby might cry for various reasons, he is hungry, dirty, colicky, and because he’s a little baby and that’s his prime way of communicating. Some babies might actually develop the habit of being held and are broken that way, that’s another issue all together.

A pacifier might help to soothe a fussy babies, swings and rocking or vibrating chairs will also do the trick.

Getting back to the old me

With the vast amount of weight some women gain during pregnancy, majority of this weight is just lingering around, especially around the waist. It’s usually difficult to find the time or better yet the urge to exercise if you don’t have the support. It will take time to gradually work back yourself into your pre-baby routine. Give yourself time.

If you worry about not being sexy enough, remember your body went through a lot this will also take time. If breastfeeding works for you , the pro is that as the baby sucks, it pulls in your abdomen.

Many women who deliver vaginally worry about whether their vagina will ever be reduced to the size it was before, one word, KEGELS. These exercises will greatly help, however, most of this worry in unnecessary, the woman’s body is designed to accommodate these changes, therefore the elasticity in the vagina- thank god, increases the likelihood of the vagina reverting back to its pre-pregnancy size. Don’t worry your not wrecked.

It will be ok, it takes times to

It the case of after birth I highly advise viewing the glass as half full instead of half empty, irrespective of all the disadvantages of pregnancy/ after birth, nothing compares to having a healthy, happy baby. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel this way initially, again give yourself sometimes, especially if your a first time mom, you will eventually learn to appreciate your baby and the entire experience. Make the best of it.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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