Mental and Emotional Health directly linked to Physical Health

Did you know that more than fifty percent of all illnesses we suffer are of mental origin?

That’s right -nervous tension, anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, excessive stress, bitterness, and many other states of emotional distress are responsible for the most diverse physical illnesses. There is such a close relationship between the mind and the body, the psycho-emotional and the somatic, that when one becomes sick the other does too.

When am in a prolonged situation whereas I feel as though I am stressing, I actually feel sick, probably I don’t eat, I might lose weight. As a result I really try not to entertain negative thoughts or emotions. At All. As soon as I suppress my resentment towards said situation, I gradually feel better.

It is believed that one will enjoy greater emotional maturity and even greater avoid many illnesses, if we learn to control our negative emotions.

The happiness hormone

It is well researched that the human body produces a stimulant substance that makes a Person feel good called endorphins . These increases good health, strengthen the immune system ultimately promoting well-being. Endorphins are developed in the brain as a result of positive feelings such as joy , gratitude, love,

Oppositely negating feelings like fear, anger , resentment and hate for prolonged period, prevent the production on endorphins subsequently promoting the likelihood for illnesses.

Is it then safe is to say that among eating healthy having a good mental and emotional health is at the top for preventing illnesses?

It’s was pointed out in the beginning of the twentieth century by Ellen G. white in the Ministry of Healing

Grief, anxiety, discontent, remorse, built, distrust, all tend to break down life forces and invite decay and death.

Everyone occasionally feel’s a bit a melancholy, however this should not be predominant.

A wise man once said “no man is an island, no man stands alone”, it’s good to talk to other persons, your would be surprised how many are feeling similarly, counseling can also help to overcome grief, anger and other emotional tyrants.

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