Untrained and Lakadaisical Staff VS Unnecessary Practices at Hospitals

The porters placed on wards should be trained to recognize danger or emergency situations. These porters should not be dim and clueless, preoccupied or otherwise. When do they actually stop being any shallow ignorant personnel chosen at random because they have the ability to push a wheelchair.

Some of the nurses are no different. They forget that they are hired to serve, rather than just picking up a pay check on the 25th. Disgustingly teachers who don’t even deserve to be called teachers would say “if you learn or not they still get paid”. For these lackadaisical nurses whether you die or not they still get paid. X

was in labor at 39 weeks pregnant and after arriving at the Linstead hospital, St Catherine, Jamaica, and dragging my feet in the waiting area, relayed that I was in labor to the nurse on duty, only to be told by the incompetent excuse for a nurse that I didn’t look like I was in labor and that I should go a sit on the bench outside. Now I suggest that if you are tired, go home. Let someone who has half a sense take over, but don’t sit on you butt and make unethical judgements.

I had to return to the car a travel over six miles to reach to the nearest major hospital, Spanish Town Hospital. On the way 5 mins from the hospital to be specific, I felt a pop in my uterus, which I suspected was my water breaking , disturbingly it was the placenta which had separated from my uterus. It was an abrupter, there was blood everywhere. Shortly after I arrived at the Spanish Town Hospital, I remember asking the porter on duty immediately if I was supposed to see so much blood, she was absolutely clueless. I was the forced to ‘register’ as if that could not be done after my baby was born, I wasn’t going anywhere, but my baby was, after 10 minutes which were critical to save my child was wasted by careless and incompetent staffs trained to do not use their common sense and follow protocols was slowly pushed into an delivery room, as soon as I entered the room, apparently the only person qualified to work at a hospital realize the awful situation I had happened to find myself in, she immediately attached the heart monitor to my stomach. She only heard one heartbeat. It was mine.

I was distraught.

Of course the doctor busy getting cooled down by the a/c in his office did not budge, he confirmed mentally that this was a “node”, and was obviously used to dealing with similar ‘mishaps’ and frankly was just ready to head home and this nuisance of a situation was deterring him. He did not come into the delivery room until 2 hours after my arrival.

The baby had died inside my womb. They did absolutely nothing to save my child, after all it was not theirs, neither was it their ‘crownies’. I was jus a random lady that had just lost everything.

I cried miserably, I had to give birth still. But to a dead baby. It’s was aching.

If felt the same,except my stomach was hard and I knew the baby was not alive, it felt like I had died myself.

After grueling hours of labor, and ridicule by the midwives who took my incident as a soap opera drama, I finally had the baby, a midwife threw the baby at my feet.

I screamed!!!!!

I cried. It was by far the worse day of my life.

I had lost so much blood. My blood count was at 5 of the usual 14.

The baby was placed on my bed, and I remember sleeping and waking up hugging my child, which had no life in her, praying for her just to open her eyes, they did not open.

Blood ran from the nose of the lifeless human being, I knew then that she had drowned from the blood in the placenta.

I was breathing but I didn’t feel like alive.

I am sure there are other cases just like mine.

Why are the nurse and supporting staff at the hospital so nonchalant? There is no extra, or regular effort at all to serve, help or protect patients.

Who dictate whether a patient should be registered immediately or not based on their current situation?

When do they actually figure out what is an emergency situation?

Are they all dumb to this fact? That lives are at stake? This is not playing cards.

Who is held accountable? Who is responsible for theses mediocrities?

Does its matter if you pay a lump sum or not?

Does the lives of individuals matter?

I am honestly surprised that I did not die as well. But a part of me did.

Published by Kimberly Bowen

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