The benefits of Traditional Herbal remedies over artificial drugs


The truth is revealed… plants can cure all diseases and illness. Diseases are toxins in the body that causes inflammation. Drugs will not cure any illness! They only provide temporary relief of symptoms of diseases, with various side effects associated. As my grandma would say “the proof is in the pudding”, it is evident that all the mineral and vitamins needed to cure illness are available the herbs, plants and daily food we should be intaking. Magnesium, Ascorbic acid( vitamin C) and Retinol (vitamin A) cures almost if not all ailments of the body. All sickness exist in the blood. The are various herbal remedies to rid the body of all chronic illness including AIDS, HIV, Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes and Cancers. Herbal Physicians are still very popular in the rural regions of Jamaica. Infact, there is an onset of human’s health conscious behavior in the twenty first century, people are more curious about what they are digesting and are now finding more natural and safer alternatives to deal with ailments. Most people have comes to the shocking realization that pharmaceutical giants are only in the business to make millions of dollars, even at the risk that billions must suffer.

As naturalist, or we try very hard to be, think it would be amazing if we could all be natural, or at the least mostly natural regarding food, medicines and ultimately any intake, whether the product may be used on the skin including scalp, these substance will eventually seep through the human’s pores. The cosmetic industry which I believe can fall sometimes under pharmaceuticals, has the same agenda as their counterpart.

Dr. Khalamawe Knife, a lecturer of the University of the West Indies suggest that if we can take a pills that comes in a plastic bottle, rather that using the same trees and herbs we see growing from the earth,sometimes in our very own backyard, that we touch and examine,some of the same plants our forefathers grew up using, “names that you can actually pronounce”, why would you feel comfortable using something you have no idea “where it came from “and “what ingredients were actually use to make it”. See it is a marketing physocology brought across to the general public intentionally by the media and persons in the medical field such as doctor and pharmacist who are the beneficiaries when these pharmaceutical giants boom, their entire career directly linked and limited to pharmaceutical drugs. A father who is a doctor,has a son who grew up to become a doctor like is father, throughout his childhood into adolescence his father had many patient who came to him frequently and was still visiting the father when the son became a doctor, upon until his father retired and he took over his father doctors office. There was a specific patient that came to the father about a sick leg, who even when old can to the doctor’s office ran now my the son. Through studies the son was able to provide a cure for the old man’s inflamed leg, delighted he went home a told his father about the miracle he had perform, his father scolded the son and told him that he the father could have done the same and cured the inflamed leg but instead ignored the underlying problems and just prescribed medicines that he knew all along only would temporarily relieved the patient of his symptoms, this way the patient become reliant on his doctor to take him out of whatever discomfort he might have been facing. When the son asked what were his reasons,  he replied “that even though if might not be best for the patient, that is how he survives as a doctor”. More importantly, that is his job and that is how he takes care of the family. Not one really blames the doctor because one of the huge failure of mankind is to really study the body we exist in. Majority knows little about how to really rectify and problem that goes wrong inside the body.
It make absolutely no sense to neglect the one body you have. All the money and luxury cannot be fully enjoyed without preserving the very human being. Herbal remedies can help patients to begin living healthy , active and normal lifestyle. All illness of the body can be cured. The body will automatically start renewing its health and restoring all damage once effective and prompt herbal remedies are administered. Medicine is in the very food we consume. View a comprehensive list of all the jamaican herbs and their medicinal value 


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