Air, Water and Heat is all humans need to maintain health and wellness

A healthy life includes both physical and mental wellness. In order to attain this balance in the human body three essential components are necessary:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Heat


Water is everywhere around us. It is in the plants, in water bodies such as oceans, rivers and lakes, it is received through rainfall and dew, it is stored underground and undeniably it makes up about seventy percent of the body. The body needs a daily intake of fresh, purified/ clean water. Rain or spring water is preferred over chlorinated water. Every day we take food and drink into the body. This food burns in our bodies and eventually leaves a certain amount of ash, or waste , that must be cleaned out of the body. The body is constantly in motion, and when anything moves, this must result in a wearing-out process that gives arise to waste materials. This worn-out material must be cast out; for if not cleaned out, the waste materials acts as poisons to injure the body and cause illness.


Water intake is essentially necessary to flush the body of toxins,toxins are excreted as waste through sweat and urine. Inadequate water intake may cause concentration in the urine that will not keep mineral salts in solution as it should. A concentrated urine will irritated the bladder and/or form kidney and bladder stones. A liberal supply of water in the body is essential to the proper functioning of the colon which reduces constipation.


Air likewise water is everywhere, air is present inside our bodies and the atmosphere surrounding us. Although very unhealthy a person may live several weeks without food and several days without drinking, but death occurs in a few minutes when the supply of air is cut off. This shows how importantly it is that the body constantly secure oxygen that contains air.  Through respiration air containing oxygen is inhaled into the lungs, the oxygen passes into the blood and is carried to all part of the body. Oxygen is an essential part of air that the body must have in order to maintain life and produce heat and energy. Air that is exhaled from the lungs contains poisonous matter that has to come from the blood. We breath about fifteen to eighteen times a minute. The heart beats four times to each breath. Exercise increase the rate of breathing.Every organism that has life, whether animal or plants breathes.

HEALTH TIP : In every house there should be one or more large windows that will allow lots of sunlight and fresh air.


Heat is created through motion, heat is essential to open up the cells that promotes blood circulation and increases sweat production which excrete toxic waste. Production of free perspiration daily rids the body quickly of poison. The heat purifies the cells  by burning away infectious cells that cause diseases such as cancers. Heat also burns away fat cells that causes obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Light is unfavorable to the growth of germ and bacteria. Sunlight will kill most disease germs in  a few minutes.



Daily exercise is essential in order to live long.the body is like a machine that once not used gets rusty and breaks very easily. If one does not exercise the body becomes stiff. People who lived very long lives made a practice throughout their lives to exercise daily. ,and even after they had became very old they would take walks daily in the fresh air.

The mind should be exercised by reading and discussing important subjects. This promotes a healthy mind and wisdom. Anger, envy and bitter feelings all have harmful influence upon the body and tends to shorten life. Kind thoughts and a contented mind as a result of frequent laughter and fun, stress-free activities such as swimming and dancing also encourages good mental health and lengthens life.

An ancient sage said, “Man does not die; he kills himself.” This is true in the case of most people, While it is true that all must die some time, yet very few live out the natural term of life.


Every living thing must have food: food for growth, food for energy, food to regulate the body process, and to replace worn-out tissues. Food in adequate amount and in composition is necessary. Food needed for the family is divided into the following groups: water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The right combination of foods is a principle of great importance, both in sickness and also as a preventative measure. The important point in consideration of this problem of food combination is to have alkaline or base-forming types of foods (vegetable, fruits and legumes) to or predominating over the acid-forming food (meats, eggs and cereals). Avoiding overindulgence in sweets and highly seasoned food is necessary to prevent abuse of the body and ill-health. Although one must eat regular meals, giving the digestive organs more than the ordinary amount of rest by fasting or omitting a meal is often beneficial.

Undoubtedly one of the most injurious practices in connection with eating and drinking is the taking of stimulants such as alcoholic and caffeinated beverages with food. Alcohol and tobacco use are poisons that affect the nervous system, causes inflammation of the stomach lining destroy tissue of the lung and bronchial tracks,  They lowers intellectual powers, weaken member and decrease one’s ability to do ordinary work.

In order to achieve good health humans must desist from lifestyle practices that will harm the body and do more activities to promote health and longevity. One must practice rising early each morning to get fresher air. Rising early also promotes free perspiration through the entire day, which will leave the body refreshed and energized. Partake in cold water showers immediately after rising daily is good for health and stimulates body activities. Regulating sleep is important, getting adequate sleep is absolutely vital as lack of sleep  or not enough sleep is harmful to the body. Those who may get enough sleep, on average do not sleep soundly, if they go to their bed at irregular hours as they would if they had regular bedtime hours, and the sleep does them less good than it should. Children are harmed even more that adult by irregularity in this respect.


The rules that are necessary in caring for the body and keeping it in health are:

  1. The body must have proper food and drink.
  2. The body must have abundance of sunlight and fresh air.
  3. The body must constantly get rid of its waste matter.
  4. The body must be protected so that is will not be injured by cold or heat.
  5. The body must have proper exercise and sleep daily.
  6. The body must be constantly protected against the entrance of poisons and disease-producing germs

By observing but not limited to these six rules, disease can be avoided and long life ensured; but failure to observe any of them will sooner or later bring illness.

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